Make-up Artist

My name is Polly and I’m a full-time Makeup Artist.

I have been working as a makeup artist since 2014 and have loved every year of my job! I work mainly with photography and weddings, but I also have experience in events and filmmaking!

Me and my coworker Stefani Lundell Marraqouin has decided to start up a project together where we are going to work together on weddings, events and photoshoots. You can then book me for makeup and Stefani for hairstyling in one package.

Normann Bjorvand


A world traveller with work ranging from underwater aquatic films to television shows, commercials, music videos and films.

Henrik Lindström


A film composer and sound designer based in Stockholm. Has everything from composing jingles for the radio to composing scores for feature films.

Mikael Marffy

Actor / Singer / Martial Artist

An actor, singer and BJJ/Judo World Champion. As an actor his powerful presence demands attention on and off camera.

Alex Fatehnia

Actor / Producer

A motivated actor and producer who loves the process of storytelling and constantly seeks out new challenges in the entertainment industry.

Nicolas Strömbäck

Actor / Singer / Composer

An actor and a singer/songwriter for 20+ years using his skills to help bring about change, believing it is needed more now than ever.

Emil T. Jonsson

Actor / Director

An award-winning actor, director and teacher, with more than 80 theatre and film credits. Co-founder of Actors Studio Stockholm.

Björn Boström


A play and screenplay writer known for the international award winning short film called The Best of Intentions.

Love Jarl


An actor and film producer specializing in music videos & concert films.

Josephine Polly Lindstedt

Make-up Artist

Founder of Polly’s Artistry and a self taught make-up artist working on weddings, events, photoshoots and films.

Jenny Österlund

Costume Designer

A costume designer extraordinaire who can create any and every type of costume and prop you could possibly imagine.

Moa Enqvist

Producer / Actress / Model

A Swedish producer and actress performing across a wide spectrum of roles and characters.

Hong Yan

Executive Producer/Actress

A producer and writer, known for Travel the World: Europe, World of Auction and Legends Unfolding.

Actor / Producer

Quick-witted, expressive and vastly experienced, award-winning American character actor.

Magne Osnes Haugen


A Norwegian producer, actor and stuntman producing and performing across a wide spectrum of roles and media.

Lars Lundgren

Actor/Stunt Coordinator

Lars Lundgren is an actor and stuntman with more than 40 years of experience in the profession, of which 25 are in Hollywood.

Lukasz Pawlak

Second Unit/Drone/Photographer

A multi talented craftsman with skills ranging from high-end visual arts to aerial photography.

Anton Ariki


With a cultural and sonic background, Anton Ariki Sten produces films and creates original dynamic music for film.