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Our crazy medievalish fantasy film centering around the battle for the kingdom of Thorqus after an attempt at diplomacy between a breed of warrior Norsemen and a clan of South sea swindling pirates goes sour.

Award-Winning Film Production


Cine Craft Collective is a multi-award winning collective

of filmmakers, composers, actors and creatives.

Music Video Production Services


We produce Music Videos and Live Performance films

in a wide range of styles and budges.

Event & Concert Video Production


We provide standard recordings of live events as well as

more stylized approaches to a live concerts.

The Collective

Cine Craft Collective is a multi-award winning collective of filmmakers, composers, actors and creatives. We produce short films and music videos and our passion is to tell unique stories from concept through to execution. We innovate and problem solve when it comes to putting production value into our projects and we to strive create a miracle from every one of our productions. Our team members have and are collaborating on projects with leading brands and institutions in Europe, the US and Canada.

Normann Bjorvand


A world traveller with work ranging from underwater aquatic films to television shows, commercials, music videos and films.

Henrik Lindström


A film composer and sound designer based in Stockholm. Has everything from composing jingles for the radio to composing scores for feature films.

Mikael Marffy

Actor / Singer / Martial Artist

An actor, singer and BJJ/Judo World Champion. As an actor his powerful presence demands attention on and off camera.

Alex Fatehnia

Actor / Producer

A motivated actor and producer who loves the process of storytelling and constantly seeks out new challenges in the entertainment industry.

Nicolas Strömbäck

Actor / Singer / Composer

An actor and a singer/songwriter for 20+ years using his skills to help bring about change, believing it is needed more now than ever.

Emil T. Jonsson

Actor / Director

An award-winning actor, director and teacher, with more than 80 theatre and film credits. Co-founder of Actors Studio Stockholm.

Björn Boström


A play and screenplay writer known for the international award winning short film called The Best of Intentions.

Love Jarl


An actor and film producer specializing in music videos & concert films.

Josephine Polly Lindstedt

Make-up Artist

Founder of Polly’s Artistry and a self taught make-up artist working on weddings, events, photoshoots and films.

Jenny Österlund

Costume Designer

A costume designer extraordinaire who can create any and every type of costume and prop you could possibly imagine.

Moa Enqvist

Producer / Actress / Model

A Swedish producer and actress performing across a wide spectrum of roles and characters.

Hong Yan

Executive Producer/Actress

A producer and writer, known for Travel the World: Europe, World of Auction and Legends Unfolding.

Actor / Producer

Quick-witted, expressive and vastly experienced, award-winning American character actor.

Magne Osnes Haugen


A Norwegian producer, actor and stuntman producing and performing across a wide spectrum of roles and media.

Lars Lundgren

Actor/Stunt Coordinator

Lars Lundgren is an actor and stuntman with more than 40 years of experience in the profession, of which 25 are in Hollywood.

Lukasz Pawlak

Second Unit/Drone/Photographer

A multi talented craftsman with skills ranging from high-end visual arts to aerial photography.

Anton Ariki


With a cultural and sonic background, Anton Ariki Sten produces films and creates original dynamic music for film.

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